"A great selection of fine and precious articles that make possible free interpretations and allow to redefine in a creative way the most classical pieces in a wardrobe of a modern woman who is always dedicated to fashion evolution for a winter season towards the maximum of her femininity."

DRG Gianni Dalla Riva

2018 signs the beginning of the collaboration between DRG Gianni Dalla Riva and the accessories by NIMA 1708

Why NiMA1708?

This name was in part inspired by the Persian Poet Nima Yushij, the father of modern Persian poetry. Thanks to his original use of symbolism, the compositions are rich in local colors and accentuated tones. The numerals 1708 represent the brand launch on the 17th of August. Nima 1708 is inspired by the appreciation for traveling, foreign cultures and the expression of beauty in its simplicity and nature.