made in italy heritage

Established in 2002 at the beginning of the new Millennium Nima 1708 represents the elegant expression of the combination of knitwear and furs according to the best “Made in Italy” tradition. Fine and soft materials as cashmere, wool merinos and iridescent yarn join together with the precious fur finely handmade in the creation of unique items dedicated to a sophisticated woman who loves to express her femininity and always be elegant at every moment of her day.
2018 represents a new beginning, based on the careful research of new and refined materials that relaunch the accessory, putting originality and luxury first.

elegance all around

NiMA offers a great selection of fine articles that make possible free and personal interpretations and allow to redefine in a creative way the most classical pieces in the wardrobe of a modern woman who is always dedicated to fashion evolution for a winter season towards the maximum of her femininity.

One of the protagonist of the winter outfits is undoubtedly the hat and the real “must” is the wool hat or fur hat, that becomes a cult for the fashion addicted all over the world.
The collection is completed with comfortable and versatile accessories, such as soft ponchos and scarves, or warm and enveloping jackets, all enriched with details in refined fur. The range of colors alternates between neutral shades and bright colors, for a woman with a gritty and original style, who wants to express her personality always aiming for maximum elegance.

Why NiMA1708?

This name was born on 17th August 2002 in the beautiful Venice, an elegant city, a destination renowned by the most famous artists in history and a tourist hub for its extraordinary artistic, architectural and commercial heritage.
Against this background was born NiMA – Natural Italian Made Accessories – brand of accessories with an elegant and at the same time sophisticated style, always looking for novelties with the exclusive use of unique and precious natural materials and rigorously MADE IN ITALY.


NiMA1708 is inspired by the love of travel, different cultures and the expression of beauty in its simplicity and nature.
It is at the same time synonymous with the Made in Italy tradition which we proudly carry forward by adapting it to new trends, while always respecting its traditional nature. Sophisticated and Elegant, Glamor and Seductive, Comfort and Enveloping, these are the distinctive features of our brand that fully reflect our mission to create a traditional “made in Italy” accessory re-interpreted in a modern and eco-sustainable key.